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Peggy Hogan fell in love with horses at age 3 when her sister put her on a pay-per-lap pony ride in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

Along with her passion for horses, she began to take an interest in training dogs. At age 15, she owned a dog that was trained to respond to hand and verbal cues; she even found an agent for the dog. Before long it became clear that Hollywood was not exactly ready to welcome a 15-year-old dog trainer, but that did not deter her passion for training animals.

Since those early days, Peggy has devoted herself to the study of how to better communicate with all animals, but her passion remained with horses. She began to study Natural Horsemanship, but the use of pressure and negative reinforcement as a method for training behavior left her hunting for something different. 

Soon she immersed herself in the teachings of Peggy Cummings, a master clinician and founder of Connected Riding®. Peggy Hogan teaches Connected Riding® with its focus on ease of movement and postural balance with alignment for both horse and human. Her study with Peggy Cummings transformed her ability to stay connected with a horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

Throughout these years of study she heard of Alexandra Kurland, who was using positive reinforcement in a technique called Clicker Training, based on the science of Operand Conditioning.. Alex was achieving very clear communication and profound results with horses; Peggy saw the changes in training she knew were the right match for her.

After watching and learning from clicker trainers of other species, Peggy started investigating ways to add more and more shaping, capturing, luring and targeting to her program. She knew there was a way to use these pressure-free techniques for teaching behavior to horses. She wholeheartedly embraced the idea that horses would respond and offer behavior freely if given the choice.

Today when you watch Peggy's videos, you will see a variety of horses, at liberty, offering behaviors that range from freestyle, to agility, to medical procedures. She has trained full-sized horses as well as miniature horses. Her techniques have been used to help a variety of rescued horses, too.

Peggy's current goal is to share the steps of learning Clicker Training - primarily these lesser-known techniques of shaping, capturing, luring, and targeting. It is an exciting time for all horse owners and, with Clicker Training, you will find the ordinary horse owner can achieve wonderful results that, until now, were reserved for professional trainers.


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Laurie trims Buzz

The horses are bright eyed and eager for training sessions.

They quickly begin to try very hard to find out what the human wants, which in turn, will get them the reward they want!



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Laurie Higgins was born interested in animals and in love with horses.  She cannot remember a time that she was not.  She cannot remember a specific event that led her to animals or to horses in particular.  It just was.

Laurie absorbed “Black Beauty” at about age 12 and it became her life’s compass, although she didn’t realize that until she had children and read the book again while reading it to the kids.

Laurie started riding lessons at about the same time and never regretted a moment in or out of the saddle.  Her parents probably regretted the money, but oh well.  She wanted to learn to do three things:  dance, ride, and ski.  She accomplished two out of the three, but she never did learn to ski and it’s no longer on the “bucket list”.

She started saving her money around this time and by the time she was 17, she had enough to buy her own horse.  Her father had a cousin in Nevada that could find her one cheap.  So Laurie, her mom and her dad, drove to Las Vegas to pick up this horse her dad’s cousin found.  Laurie got on and thought, “walk, yeah, trot, yeah.  Booooring!  Let’s try the canter!”  The little paint mare took off at a dead run, didn’t make the turn in the corner, and Laurie went over the little fence into the bushes.  Hmm.  Maybe the walk and trot are important!

From pleasure trail rides, to 50-mile rides, getting a couple of foals from that paint mare, to attempts at gymkhana with her, Laurie and Shoshone spent about five years together.  Then college beckoned and Shone was given to friends.

Ten years went by before getting another horse.  Then there were family obligations and young children and cross-country moves (a total of five!).

Along the way, Laurie heard about clicker training in general and wanted to apply it to her dogs.  That was the start.  She had a dog then who simply didn’t respond to “traditional training” and she had to go the CT route.  By that time she was hooked and decided to apply it to her horse, too.

After the last move east 12 years ago, Laurie focused on her riding and dressage training.  It was a few years before Laurie bought another horse.  This time she bought Atticus, a three-year-old Hanoverian/Thoroughbred cross gelding, intending to train him up for dressage and competition.

Life has a way of changing one’s goals, and now, Laurie, fully committed to clicker training, is more focused on figuring out how to get the behaviors she wants by training at liberty through shaping.