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I tell people it took him 7 months and 1 "click" to learn to lie down on command.

We spent 7 months learning different behaviors with the clicker, then one day he wanted to roll and I clicked and paid big.

He got up and down 6 more times to check to see if I would really pay him for lying down. (Of course I clicked and treated each time.)

He has been doing the trick on cue ever since and added
"sitting up" on his own.


McKee is an amazing horse.
He loves to "figure out the
latest game."

For him, the latest game is
painting. He is developing his own
style to be certain. He also has
decided that the roller brush is
his FAVORITE way to paint.

The wonderful thing about this is
McKee's obvious enthusiasm.
As Dave Mason from the The
Santa Barbara Newspress said,
"You can lead a horse to water
but you can't make him paint."

But the process is positive for
McKee. You can see this in
the video by the Newspress.

You can find more about his paintings


















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