About Peggy

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I have been teaching my whole working life. During the journey my focus has been to learn how each person learns the best. People differ, some are visual, some do well listening to lectures, some need to "try it" before they understand the lesson.

There are some wonderful teachers out there who have written lengthy volumes of work with great detail. If you like to learn by reading big books, I suggest you look for these instructors.

In my efforts to make Clicker Training Horses available to many people I have decided to write short, easily learned, 5 minute lessons that can guide a beginner. You will learn some very basic but IMPORTANT safety steps that need to be put in place when you use food to train a horse. Because of this, my starting lessons have text and pictures and a well thought-out step-by-step approach. I have also produced an accompanying DVD. Here you can see an example of the Clicker Tip on Handfeeding Safely to get a feel for the writing style.

Along with the written Clicker Tips PDF files I have branched out to offer Clicker Tips Instant Download Videos. In these short 5 to 7 minute videos, I present a single topic so the viewer can focus and not be flooded with information.

If you'd like to see this video style you can find my channel on YouTube, where I have many similar videos, both entertaining and educational.