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Testimonial for Peggy Hogan from Peggy Cummings, creator of Connected Riding® and Connected Groundwork®

Endorsement from Susan Hopmans, owner of La Vista Farm, one of the countries leading breeders of show quality
Miniature Horses

"Peggy Hogan's work with my horses has expanded the horizons of each individual horse fantastically.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience this truly inspired and innovative way of relating to horses. The horses  are happier and I am happier and our relationship is more meaningful and satisfying.

Through Peggy's work many of my horses who had difficulties enjoying interaction with humans are now very willing to be our friends. Thanks Peggy"

Susan Hopmans


My friend Susan has passed on. She was a wonderful amabassader for the world of miniature horses. She will be missed by many.

"The beauty of what Peggy Hogan brings to horse and human is a safe, effective way to connect in partnership. Clicker training, from Peggy’s perspective, adds guidance and incentive for a horse to trust and understand connection, that is, what it means to use his body and mind in effective ways. I highly recommend Peggy as a skilled, compassionate and playful practitioner.  She brings out the joy in horses and makes learning fun!"

Peggy Cummings

Testimonial from Nancy Weeren, owner of miniature horses and student of Clicker Training.

Peggy Hogan and "clicker training" has changed my relationship with my mini horses. They will follow me almost anywhere when playing the game. My yearling colt will chase the ball, stand with front legs on a pedestal, touch his nose to the target, and hold it there for several seconds.

I feel as though I can communicate on a kindly, friendly and fun way with critters I used to have to dominate to seek co operation with. Am I really speaking "Equus" at last? This is so rewarding.

Nancy Weeren





Testimonial from Donna Sugg, CLINIC participant.

Your clinics are wonderful. You start with basics and build from there. If the horse is ready to move quicker, you help make that happen. If the horse needs more time, you provide for that. Because of my "basic training" with you, I can transfer clicker training to any horse I work with. I know how to start a horse in clicker training and have progressed into the saddle.

You have been wonderful about responding to questions or offering encouragement. Suggestions are presented in an understandable, positive way. Praise for new ideas and fortitude is always timely.

Clicker training creates a wonderful bond between my horses and me. No fear, no negative energy, just wonderful, positive experiences.

I am training 4 of my horses with clicker now. They are all in different stages but they all understand the concept. It is truly amazing to see the light bulb go on when they get it.

Thanks for all you do for the horses and their owners!

Donna Sugg


A little blurp/clips from my class with Peggy and Laurie, working on cue recognition with "walk on" in Training For Movement from Ground to Saddle class! Indy was very engaged with this training, and beamed with confidence when she recognized the cue! So proud of my Indy!!!

Anna Wilhelmi

My pony Okkie and me took the latest course Peggy and Laurie offered here on CTH, Training for Movement from Ground to Saddle.
We had taken the course on shaping and cueing before and felt this kind of CT was just perfect for us, exactly what we had been looking for.
So we took part with the aim to shape forward motion. I will add two video clips of our training and hope you can see how much fun it was for both.

This video shows Okkie learning the cue for „walk“. He just loves to touch the cone, it is really magnetic to him and thus I could use it to make him walk longer distances.
So I set him off with his cue to walk. Then I would ask him to stop, click and feed. I would continue to feed while he waited for the next walking cue. Okkie does not like to wait too long, so I have rather a high ROR here. Then I ask him to walk on again, stop and so forth. The stopping gives me the opportunity to repeat the walking cue more often. Thus his focus shifts from the cone to the cue. The closer we get to the cone, the harder it becomes for him to stop when asked to. But he does it, in spite of all the magnetism.

Ovis Ridens

Hi, I just completed Peggys and Lauries on-line course training for movement from ground to saddle, it was so much fun. I chose the movement hind end yield, and YES, we did it! Proud and happy. Here is an edited short version of all our steps


Nina Norgrenden